Town Center BenefitsAccording to national data, you may save as much as 61% of your out-of-pocket co-pay when having a procedure done at a surgery center.

Less administrative paperwork and red tape when compared to most hospitals.
Patients can leave relatively quickly after their surgery, which allows you to rest in your own home sooner.

Whereas most hospitals keep patients recovering from a surgical procedure in separate rooms, at NSC the patient can usually spend the recovery period after surgery with their loved ones in our relaxed informal setting.

It takes much less time to prepare an operating room at NSC for the next patient than in a standard hospital. This translates into decreased wait times for patients.

Scheduled surgery times are not likely to be delayed or bumped by non-related emergencies, as they may be at hospitals.

The comfortable family oriented environment of the NSC is less threatening for children. Parents may stay with young children before and after surgery.

Because of a healthier patient population, your chances of surgery related infections may be reduced.